Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Pomeroy

Elizabeth Pomeroy is a certified Dating Decoder © relationship coach directly trained by Dr. Hensley. Elizabeth has a Master’s degree in counseling from Asbury University, and is trained in the art and science of human interaction, attachment theory, and trauma-informed care. She is passionate about helping clients bridge the gap between where they are in their relationships and where they desire to be. Elizabeth wholeheartedly embraces that human beings are hard-wired for connection but may need help navigating the complexities of romantic relationships. She believes that individuals can reach their relationship goals through healing attachment insecurities as well as fostering healthy patterns of communication and conflict resolution. Her areas of expertise include healing attachment, faith-based healing strategies, and creating healthy communication patterns inside relationships. Her coaching philosophy centers on creating a holistic approach that offers clarity, encouragement and practical solutions to every client, no matter what their relationship goals are.

Elizabeth’s services include One-On-One Coaching and Couples Coaching.