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Dr. Hensley decodes the science of attachment and attraction and gives individuals straightforward, step-by-step plans of action for their relationships. These steps include scripts for communication that will be well received by their partner, strategies for deescalating any conflict, and most importantly, healing attachment wounds that keep us stuck in failing relationship cycles. Coaching works much different and faster than therapy. Just like a sports coach, there is no need to dissect a player’s entire history—we need immediate play-by-play winning strategies for success based on what is going on in the current game, and that’s exactly what Dr. Hensley gives her clients for their current relationship situation. Whether it’s healing attachment insecurities and getting back on the dating market, reconciling with an ex, or getting your needs met in your current relationship, Dr. Hensley has a strategy for success!

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Dr. Hensley’s blog discusses the science of attachment styles, the current dating norms, and how anyone can achieve a loving, healthy relationship that lasts.

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